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  Frozen Water Meter and Pipes
Avoid the costly, needless, and often damaging expense of water service freeze-ups and meter replacement.

The Rules and Regulations of the Authority require that all customers protect the water meter from freezing. It is necessary for the customer to provide adequate protection of a water meter when located in unheated areas such as; outside entry storage or utility closet, garage or crawlspace. If the water meter, service line or water pipes freeze, the meter will be replaced at the customer’s expense.

Protect your Water Meter and Pipes from Freezing Before Winter Arrives
  • Wrap the meter and exposed piping with insulating materials commonly used in construction that can be purchased at home improvement centers. Heated taping may also be very effective if properly installed and all of the safety precautions provided by the manufacturer are followed.

  • Eliminate wintry drafts by closing access doors completely and ensuring the tightest possible seal at the door bottom and sides. Check to make sure that the closet or garage door has a good insulating seal.
  •  Repair broken and cracked windows, doors and walls.
  • Insulate outside walls nearest the water meter and service line pipes.
  • Turn off water to outside faucets and drain the pipes.
  • Never completely turn off your heater during a winter stay away from home.
Should your meter freeze, you will likely notice a severe drop in water pressure and possibly a complete loss of water. You can attempt to slowly thaw the water meter and inlet or outlet pipes with a hair dryer, electric heater or heating pad. Thawing pipes too quickly may result in a burst pipe. Always use caution with heating elements and avoid electric shock when using electrical appliances. An open flame torch, if used improperly, may cause the pipe to explode or fire damage and should only be done by a professional.

Family members should know how to shut off the main water supply to the home in an emergency. Make sure shut off valves operate properly before an emergency arises.

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